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Published: 03rd August 2011
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While browsing online for places to stay in Delhi, one is often spoilt for choices. But what most backpackers are looking for is not some high end fancy hotel in Delhi but something that gives all amenities but at an affordable price. If you are planning to visit Delhi during peak seasons it would be advisable to book your stay well in advance to avoid any disappointments! With time even these small budget hotels too have understood the importance of having an online presence so now finding and booking your stay at a budget hotel in Delhi is at just a click!

Most backpackers who are regular in the Capitol know that the best areas to find budget hotels in Delhi, is easily Paharganj. Paharganj is often chosen as the stop that houses several or rather most of the budget hotels in Delhi because of its close proximity to the railway station.

Paharganj has a lot of things going for it, its location being one. Since most of the long distance trains, as well as the daily trains leave the railway station, this location is most preferred as it is about 10-minute walk from the platforms, which makes it very convenient. Accommodation is extremely pocket friendly and there are too many hotels who are fighting for serving the customer better giving competitive rates. These budget hotels in Delhi houses several small restaurants and food carts mixed in to this neighborhood. These places are cheap and people crowd around to savour some street food here. This locality is probably one of those places where you don’t have to worry much about being tricked into being ripped off at tourist trap places.

What works against Paharganj is definitely the dirty, dingy roads, stench permeating everywhere. The Kho San Road is crowded and hectic, but still quite clean. Seriously, there are some reasonably nice hotel districts in Delhi, but this isn’t one of them. Most women backpackers complain that they donot feel really safe in the area. Since the area has a lot of foreign tourists, its common knowledge that petty criminals target this place. In case you are taking a cycle rickshaw to the hotel doorstep or walking to the destination, you are most likely to be hassled by touts or the rickshaw pullers themselves who want to take advantage of an unsuspecting tourist.

The Hotels In Paharganj are a mix of all experiences. Hotels are within budget minus the minor drawback. If you have time in had you can explore the neighborhood which is quite fascinating. Budget hotels can be found all over India, and it is very difficult to find them in the big cities, so this area is ideal for backpackers.

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